The Notice of Intended Marriage form

This form must be completed one month and one day before your wedding date. It is valid for 18 months.You can complete this form with me and I can sign as your witness.

You will need to have some proof of identity, such as a Birth Certificate or passport. If you do not have this documentation I will discuss with you what other kinds of documentation you may use.

If you have been married before I will need to see proof of how the marriage ended.

All of the information above needs to be provided in order to fill out the form.

Change of name with marriage

It has been customary in Australia for women to change their family name to that of their husband on marrying. This is not a legal requirement.

Statutory Declaration form

Closer to your wedding date you will also complete a Statutory Declaration form, which will include your full names, full addresses and occupations.

You will be declaring that:

You are not married to another person.
You are not in a prohibited relationship.
Both of you are of a marriageable age.
There is no other circumstance that would be a legal impediment to the marriage.
Please note: If you are under 18 years of age you must apply for an order under Section 12 of the Act.

All dates and signatures must be completed by all parties to the declaration, including myself (the witnessing celebrant).