Life celebrations

As well as weddings, I perform other ceremonies such as name giving ceremonies, renewal of vows and commitment ceremonies.

Name giving ceremonies

A name giving ceremony is non-religious. It is a way to celebrate the birth of your child and to appoint special people to promise to guide and support your child through life’s journey.

Renewal of vows

Renewal of vows is a celebration of a happy and committed marriage.Some couples choose to renew their vows because they have been married for a significant number of years. Or a couple may have married in another state or country without family or friends and would like the chance for everyone to celebrate together.

Commitment ceremonies

A commitment ceremony is similar in form and content to a marriage. You may have a ceremony that follows a traditional marriage ceremony or a ceremony that honours your beliefs as a couple. It is not a legal ceremony of marriage. It is a public affirmation of a couple’s commitment to one another. I believe it is equally as significant as the marriage ceremony, whether it is recognised legally
or not.